5 Easy Ways of Having the Right Traditional Weddings in Singapore

5 Easy Ways of Having the Right Traditional Weddings in Singapore

When it comes to traditional weddings, it is only right to have the right traditional atmosphere for the couple, from traditional decorations to wedding gifts. In spite of many wanting to throw unique hip like weddings, there are still a couple who are impressed by traditional weddings.

Well, unlike modern weddings, traditional wedding ceremonies are all white, from white flower girls to aisle runners. Here are some ways of having an amazing traditional wedding in Singapore:

  1. Use Some Modern Traditional Music

Certainly, traditional weddings require the creation of a traditional atmosphere. Therefore, music by Bach, Mozart, and Handel come handy. In fact, any classical music style is a gold mine in traditional wedding music. However, if you’re not familiar with this type of music, then spend some time to search for these popular composers and spend time listening to the music.

  1. Acquire some Traditional Gifts

Traditional gifts are important since they are also used to set the atmosphere in the wedding. You can always scout online to get something traditional that would work well in the wedding. For example, purchasing these such as:

  • Crystal home décor
  • Tableware
  • Holy Books
  • Bed linens
  • Appliances

can be used as gifts for your bride/bridegroom. Nonetheless, there’s no specific good gift to give, so to speak/ In fact, you can literally “make a present seem traditional” through wrapping it.

  1. Use Traditional Vows

Traditional vows are a must. They are also necessary for changing the atmosphere of the wedding. Traditional vows involve s writing down your own vows and reciting the same vows to your partner as your parents did earlier on. You can also ask the presiding priest to use words such as “man and wife” rather than “husband and wife”. The wedding must also include the appeal of traditional wedding ceremony making it more of an honor and respectable environment.

  1. Use Traditional Items/Objects

Objects like miniature bells make it fun for any traditional style of favor. In fact, there are several range of styles; some in gold and others in silver colors that are used to welcome your guests. They work in a way that you must kiss every time a guest enters into a room. In additional, they are extremely inexpensive and very cute placed on each table setting with an extremely small, simple and affordable tag attached on top.

  1. Attires Must Be Traditional

In most cases, bridal gowns are extremely classy but traditional weddings have gowns that need not be a full ball skirt. It should be a line skirt that are pretty as fuller ones but must be in your own style. Furthermore, you need to look for beautiful necklines, portrait and good bateau necks. A classic pearl bridal jewelry adds some beauty when wearing the gown.

Regardless of what else you need to add, remember that all these 5 things are imperative for any traditional wedding that has been scheduled to be done.