Guide 101 to Keeping Teeth Looking Great

Guide 101 to Keeping Teeth Looking Great

It’s a thing that traumatizes me: pirates’ teeth, crooked teeth, black teeth, yellow teeth. Basically, when I see a girl with untreated teeth, I want to run and not kiss!

Why do I tell you that? Because girls also have a habit of looking at the hands and teeth of the guys to judge them. I went to see my dentist and went through the web to know that Does Sushi Damage my teeth? and to see these 4 techniques for having Good cleaner whiter teeth.

A reminder before getting into the heart of the matter: there is no pure white impeccable as seen on TV or in movies, all that, it costs quite expensive teeth whitening. But there are techniques to have beautiful teeth without getting into debt over three generations.

Having beautiful teeth is important

And yes, we judge you on your physical appearance, this is not new for regular readers. This is certainly not the main criterion, but your look and appearance rank fourth in the attraction criteria put forward in Social Power & Seduction.

You will only once have the opportunity to make a good first impression on a girl or a group. And you know how important the smile is! Do you know this Chinese proverb?

” If you do not know how to smile, do not open shop “

The smile is the basis of social interactions, it is your best opener, it is inseparable from our best opener ” Cuckoo “!

Beyond that, you will be judged on your smile: your teeth are, with your hands, a powerful social marker. A social marker is what determines your origin, to determine your habitus (I let you refer to Bourdieu and sociology).

Why do I tell you that? I do not say that I condone social inequalities, they are there, all alone I can not do anything about it. I can simply explain them to you so that you understand the rules of the game: afterward, it is up to you to choose to adopt or to refuse them.

The biggest concept to know to understand the meaning of this article is homogamy. The fact that one frequents and marries generally with people of the same social environment as oneself. ” Who looks alike ” is statistically more verified than ” opposites attract “.

Knowing this, the princesses will look at your shoes, your watch, your hands and your smile … So how to have white teeth as on TV?

Technique 1: Foods to banish to have a beautiful smile

My dentist is extremely hard with me … He explained to me that if I wanted to have the same smile as the TV presenters, I had to stop:

The Beets

Curry, cumin, paella, all the yellow food in general

Tea and coffee that yellow teeth

And that I focus on white food: pasta, rice, chicken, fish … O sad life in perspective! I’m not a robot, me! He then explained to me a simple technique: it is enough, after these very colored foods, very stinging, to drink water to rinse the teeth.

That’s why coffee is always served with a glass of water! To have the good taste of coffee without its harmful effects on the enamel of your teeth!

Technique 2: the cigarette is not very nice

Come on, I do not make the affront to stick a photo of smoking teeth and make a comparison with healthy non-smoking teeth …

To give you a hint: what color is ash in ashtrays?

What you gain in social fluidity (the cig helps to approach the girls, if only to ask for fire), you lose it in a breath, respiratory capacity, erectile and lifetime. I continue?

Technique 3: The toothbrush is your best friend

I will always remember a poster that was in the bathroom of my orthodontist: ” If your teeth are not smooth, iron a brush “. Even today, I used to observe the teeth of my interlocutors.

When I see a plaque that dates from the same day, fresh, it apologizes again … But when I see accumulations of tartar on the canines or between the teeth, it disgusts me. I wonder how long it’s been there to stagnate …

I’m sorry in advance the girl who kisses a guy like that! And there is only one remedy for beautiful white teeth, it’s brushing teeth. 3 times a day. After each meal.

You will tell me ” But at noon, in high school, in college, at work, I can not in front of everyone “. And I would answer you that if. You can brush your teeth all the time.

I’ll give you an example that I master well: I brushed my teeth at noon in the toilet in high school, high school (obliged because of the dental equipment), the office, the factory in the toilet too … Everywhere!

You have no excuse to skip the midday brushing. In addition, level breath, you will gain serenity and confidence in you. No, chewing gum is not enough!

(This message is not sponsored by the Federation of dentists and toothbrush vendors, it’s a personal crusade).

Tip: change your toothbrush as soon as it starts to suffer! With my past roommate and visiting girls’ apartments at night, I saw century old toothbrushes … unworthy stuff that made me want to run away!

The Halloween statistic: the French change their toothbrush 1.5 times a year. (I have to eat them, I change every month …

Technique 4: The dentist and the smile bars

If you had the curiosity to read this article, it is that the subject interests you probably. I must confess something: I am unfortunately not a professional dentist (only amateur, the weekend). It’s up to your dentist to ask these questions!

With him, you can talk about professional whitening at home. It is he who will give you his endorsement or warn you against smiling bars that promise you an express teeth whitening.

It is he who will recommend fluoride and silica-free toothpaste, which will probably recommend an electric toothbrush, more effective than manual brushing. Finally, if your teeth need to be adjusted, it is with him that you can talk about the wearing or not of a dental appliance.

Wearing a brace at age 15 is annoying, at 25 years of pain, at 40 probably humiliating for a year or two … but the game is worth the effort, right? This is one of the most important investments in you if you want to seduce permanently!


Raphael, a reader, has contacted us to provide further clarification if you want a smile Colgate!

Reading the article takes me in 1 / 8th of a second to the following reflection: ” but in fact, people who have a medium to average dentition have already had this information .”

Their problem is not to ignore that some foods or drinks stain their teeth, and even less that it is desirable to brush them, their problem is at best not to know how to do it right, at worst to have nothing to shake.

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything for people who belong to the first category. If it pleases them to have snags slamming with their greasy hair, let’s give them peace, down with hygienist.

For the second, I think we can push the level of recommendation one iota and explain to them that they brush their teeth and brush their teeth.

Source tips for a smile Colgate: Jean-Pierre, my periodontist!

Jean-Pierre is categorical: the humanoids who wear a berth of dental plaque, or even worse, who are sometimes caries, are the only ones responsible for their sad fate: they do not know how to brush their teeth. Yet his precepts are summary!

One-way brushing

From the gum to the end of the tooth (from bottom to top for the lower jaw, & the reverse for the upper jaw, we follow the bottom please).

It takes 12 movements per tooth, a brush by correctly reaching two at a time, I let you proceed to the calculation.

This means that under NO PRETEXT one just flushes his remains of Granola under the gum while brushing. And do not brush from left to right. Because it’s useless.

Brushing all the faces:

We do not just idly outside the incisors, it’s tempting, but no. We reproduce the movement from bottom to top on the inside of each tooth (big up to those who still have their 4 wisdom teeth).

The interdental brushes are yes!

Yes. Small brushes that we slide in each gap to remove tabbouleh the day before which brushing too crude has overcome. It is a nameless boredom, but of a formidable efficiency.

The gum stays healthy between the teeth, and the revived blood circulation whitens the tooth by optical effect, so toothpaste red enamel diamond the magic of fake white. You will understand: dental floss is no.

The mouthwash is no!

Because it’s useless. Jean-Pierre will tell you that if a mouthwash takes your throat, it means that you do not wash your teeth properly. He is not here to be nice Jean-Pierre.

He says that the mouthwash bought at the Franprix tears yellow teeth and disturbs more than the oral flora. You would not want to disturb your oral flora.

In a burst of flexibility, Jean-Pierre tolerates a dose of Listerine once a week if it gives you confidence. But we stop ravaging the mouth with purple Colgate before each date.

For my part I can not recommend too much equip you with a bottle of bicarbonate powder, to mix with toothpaste once a week. More often, it is the disease that weakens the enamel.

The most convinced will drink their tea and coffee with straw and banish forever the balsamic vinegar & red fruits.

And we wait for the 40’s before considering whitening. More early, it weakens the enamel and we obtain a perverse effect that requires reproduced the expensive operation.

PS: the appointment at the dentist is every year!

And you, tips for having white teeth? Traumatized by your smile

Smile, your anagram coach.