Wedding Dos and Donts and reviews to avoid?

If possible, avoid games of the type “It or Him” which can quickly skid if the questions are not controlled by a coordinator or beforehand by the couple. Physical games are also to ban : running everywhere, screaming, jumping while it is already very hot can quickly turn into real chore. In addition, no woman in stiletto or designer dress will want to participate. The same goes for a person with health concerns or a shy person who does not wish to expose himself. You can also say no to games “incongruous” that require to ask the money to the guests, to ask them to undress or look for absurd objects (bra, etc.): this can shock some people. Non-Surgical Facelift Bucks Hifu

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For consistency, we chose to order our ideas according to two types of marriage, those that take place indoors and those that take place outdoors.

REALLY original animations for an outdoor wedding:
The throws of …
Lanterns and balloons! This activity is gaining more and more space in the hearts of brides and grooms for reasons that seem obvious to us. Star Lantern explains to us that a coward of lanterns for example, is a moment of pure amazement shared with all the people who are dear to you. It’s a magical moment that your guests will probably remember all their life because of the unconventional character such an animation. You should know that the lanterns have a flight duration of about 4 minutes, which gives him ample time to climb very high in the sky. When it is no more than a luminous point in the black veil of the night, the lantern will gradually lose its brilliance until the extinction of the flame that made it live. Be aware that lanterns are 100% biodegradable and therefore do not pose a danger to the surrounding flora and fauna.

The animations that we do not expect …
If you want to add a touch of extravagance to your wedding, why not bet on an activity that will seduce young and old alike circus? The whole assembly will succumb to the charm and prowess of the artists on this special day. To conquer the crowds, Esprit Cirque invites you to put glitter in the eyes of your guests as soon as they arrive at the reception with jugglers, fire-eaters and waders to continue their enchantment with a show during the evening. Your loved ones will be amazed by the services of these dream craftsmen .

If you are more “volatile” and like to push your limits, then you need Falcon Pro Tech . This company is a compendium of know-how and professionalism adapting the use of falconryto the needs of your wedding. The main activity consists of wearing a wedding ring with a falconry bird from the falconer’s fisted fist to rest on the fist of the bride. In addition, during the cocktail party, Falcon Pro Tech offers a flight demonstration in which the guests participate and thus the hawks will glove in glove safely.