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How to Decide Your Wedding Outfit

How to Decide Your Wedding Outfit

Deciding on the dress you will wear as you walk down the aisle is one of the most crucial decisions any bride will make. For this reason it’s so essential that you choose a wedding dress for your body shape, enhancing your silhouette and making a statement as you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams and start a new life together.

Every bride dreams of her special day and often has a clear idea regarding the dress she wants to wear. In some instances, the dream dress style isn’t right for her body shape, which can lead to an ill-fitting dress that doesn’t complement you by any means on your day.

There are several rules about body shapes and what to wear and what not to wear. It will help you select the right wedding dress to choose that will look spectacular and beautiful.


Anyone who is pear shaped should always choose a ball gown style that has a flared skirt. From here you can choose the tight bodice, to highlight your upper torso with a V neckline or spaghetti straps, depending on your personal preference. Anyone who is this shape should never choose a mermaid design, which is tight fitting to the knee and then flares out. You wish to embrace your body shape creating the perfect silhouette on your perfect day.

When you have a larger upper torso and wish to know how to choose a wedding dress for your body shape then you need to ensure you choose a dress that has a scooped neckline. If you’re having a summer wedding and have your heart set on a strapless dress, try and choose one that has a dip, like a heart shaped line. Always try and cover the shoulders, even although you choose thicker straps, rather than spaghetti straps. Ensure you stay far away from puffed sleeves as this will not complement your shape in any way.

Apple Shaped

Apple shaped women always look amazing in a wedding dress that tapers at the waist to highlight this area. The gown should have a tight waistline and then flare out, like a ball gown design. By defining your waistline, this style will automatically make you look leaner and when combined with a V neckline, you can look absolutely beautiful on your special day.

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Slim Figure

The next body shape is the slim figure. If you wish to learn how to choose a wedding dress for your body shape and you have a slim shape then you may wish to choose a design that has a ball room gown feel about it. Avoid off the shoulder and halter neck styles, these will not complement your shape. This is among the few body shapes that can wear a high neckline, this can be something you wish to consider in spectacular lace with detailed embroidery work.


The hourglass body shape often benefits from a two piece gown that accentuates the waist area. Corseted style dresses are ideal for this particular figure.

Petite women benefit from simple designs that don’t have broken contours and are narrow in design.

If you wish to learn how to choose a wedding dress for your plus size body shape then you may wish to look at a gown where the skirt starts just under the bust. The dress should be floor length, which helps elongate the body and avoid frills and pleats

There are so magnificent choices to pick from; each designer has their own innovative flair, which allows you to find exactly what you are searching for within the guidelines based on your figure.


7 Classy but Cheap Wedding Decorations

7 Classy but Cheap Wedding Decorations

Let’s face it! Weddings are darn right expensive affairs. I mean, which bride doesn’t want everything in their wedding to be extremely perfect? Regardless of whether it’s in a big elegant church, an old garden or down at the sandy beach.

However, if you’re on a tight budget then you have to allow the creative juice to flow through your body. That’s why less tends to be more. Well, here are some 7 classy but cheap wedding decorations that you should consider:

  1. Use Decorations Found Within Your Venue

This is an ancient yet creative way of decorating your wedding. All you have to do is to use the decorations found within your venue. For example, those who plan on getting married in a church can consider using decorations from it especially in Christmas or Easter times where churches are adorned with flowers.

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  1. Get lots of Tulles

Tulles increasingly help in making weddings appear beautiful. Have some of your friends hang them from the center to the corners of the altar. In addition, have the tulle canopies make bows to put on the rows of the chairs.

  1. Have A Unity Candle

Heard of a unity candle? Well, it’s quite easy and fun to make. All you need to do is to craft an S on your plain white candle, somewhere on the lines of two inches in diameter. Furthermore, we also need to get a ribbon with sequins so as to glue the ribbon around the bottom of the candle.

  1. Get Flower Petals

Have your flower girls thrown some petals on the ground and especially near the aisle. This can be done as a means of decorating as te guests arrive. Petals are pretty cheap as compared to having actual flower arrangements. That is a great yet simple way of adding value to your ceremony.

  1. Shelling Helps

You should try finding shells that can be used as decorations in weddings. Shells are able to be used as clear vases or hurricanes in the wedding. Furthermore, shells can easily fit in landlocked and beach weddings.

  1. Christmas Lights Make A Whole Difference

Weddings done during festive seasons are one of the best weddings since they can there are chances of using the simple and elegant lights for decorations. These lights can be used in receptions. In addition, they can be used around tables, lights and lanterns. Pretty simple yet makes a whole lot of difference.

  1. Make Your Own Fountain

Water fountains are a beautiful piece especially when they are located near the reception. It would be ice to have your guests finally relax at the reception as they wait for the wedding to begin. Furthermore, water fountains can be made easily as all that is required is having a higher object emitting water to the lower one.

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